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Sample Flash Websites Created with Trendy Website Builder:

  • Trendy Site Builder Sample


  • Trendy Site Builder Sample
    Small Business


  • Trendy Site Builder Sample


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Sample Facebook Fan Pages Created with Trendy Website Builder:

  • Facebook Fan Page Sample
    Interior Designers


  • Facebook Fan Page Sample


  • Facebook Fan Page Sample
    Real Estate


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Creating A Flash Website is a breeze with Trendy Site Builder!

Ever wanted to build a flash website yourself or make a flash site that reflects true class?
Trendy Site Builder is your answer!

The Flash creator is packed with unmatched features like stunning image galleries, media players, online flash store, flash greeting cards and much more. It is in fact so simple that even a kid can build a flash website in minutes. There are many flash creators out there but none like trendy flash site builder. It is a truly uniqe flash building tool that packs more punch than all other flash creators and flash makers put together.

Creating a stunning website no longer requires you to hire an expensive web designer. With Trendy Flash Site Builder, you will be able to build and make your own website easily and at a very affordable price. You are no longer exposed to the tantrums of a pricy web designer who works at his own pace. Trendy Site Builder gives you the tools and the power to build a website that is professional and manage it at your own convenience.

Some of the key benefits of building websites on your own are:

a) You have complete control over your website
b) You can unleash your own creativity
c) Ability to manage your own website
d) You save a lot of money.
e) Save a lot of time: rollout updates instantly without having to wait for a Web Designer to do it.

The biggest contribution of a web designer is his creative ability. With Trendy Site Builder you have access to a wide range of highly creative and professional design templates that you can tweak and give them the look you want. So there is no compromise on creativity! as you don't have to be a very creative person to make a professional website!.

Trendy Flash Website Builder Features:

Site Designs: Amazing Flash Website Designs.
Contact Form: Contact Page to let visitors get in touch with you!
Image Gallery: Stunning Image gallery to showcase your Photos.
Media Player: Share Videos and MP3 music with your site visitors!
Online Store: Sell Your Products and services online with amazing online store.
Greeting Cards: Greet your site visitors on Christmas, New Year and More!
YouTube Videos: Add YouTube videos to Your Site with a Single Click.
SEO: Rank high on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. with inbuilt Search Engine Optimization.
Iphone/Mobile Site: Automatically publish your website for iPhone and other Smart Phones.
Stock Image Gallery: Dress up your website with stunning images from the free stock image library.
PayPal Integration: Accept payments directly into your Paypal account from the online store.
Social Networking: Inbuilt integration with Facebook and Twitter in Site Builder!
Social Bookmarks: Let your visitors share your site easily on Google buzz, Reddit, Digg, Myspace, etc.,
Music Library: Add soothing music to your site from in built free music library.
Text Effects: Jazz up your site content with high impact effects like Drop Shadow, Bevel, Outer Glow etc.
Unlimited Customization: Give your website a distinct identity with Incredible Template Customization Options.

No question that this is effective and efficient way to generate a flash site.


— Dr. Kisfaludi Gábor

No question that this is effective and efficient way to generate a flash site. Once you get familiar with the usage, that is not difficult at all, you can really do whatever you wish within minutes. In case you are familiar with ftp AND making flash, you can extend this by yourself. Those who want to have a website that looks professional and entertaining should select Trendy Site Builder.


Flash Site Builder is simple to use, easy to understand, and does not require any prior knowledge of web design.


— Virginia

We set up www.elcapitan100.com for my husband to expand on his music hobby (he's a hip hop / rap artist in the Denver area). After purchasing our domain name, we were having a tough time finding a way to design our site to the standard we had in mind. Neither of us have much experience designing websites, so my first attempt was through Microsoft Publisher. The program worked fine, but it didn't give us the flare we were looking for. That's when I came across the TrendyFlash Site Builder. We purchased the lifetime Premium license and have been thrilled with the results of our newly updated website. The software is simple to use, easy to understand, and does not require any prior knowledge of web design. We were able to create a visually appealing site that allows us to showcase music samples, include photos, and add video clips in the future. We are also excited to have the option of adding a shopping cart once we're ready to begin selling albums. The customer support we have received thus far has been exceptional, as well. I used the live chat feature just the other day due to a software glitch and the issue was immediately forwarded to the appropriate team who resolved the problem within 24 hours.

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