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Flash Templates:

Trendy Site Builder has flash templates based on a wide range of categories

  • flash templates for photographers
  • music/band flash templates
  • dj flash templates
  • restaurant website templates
  • art flash web templates
  • church website templates
  • wedding flash templates
  • site templates for cars
  • fashion site templates
  • game/gaming flash site templates
  • construction flash templates
  • personal flash templates
  • magazine flash templates
  • flipbook style flash templates
  • education flash templates
  • hotel flash templates
  • medical flash templates
  • jewellery flash templates
  • soccer/foot ball flash templates
  • computer flash templates
  • hosting flash templates
  • ecommerce flash templates
  • nighclub flash templates
  • sports flash templates
  • dental flash templates
  • food flash templates
  • basketball flash templates
  • motorcycle flash templates
  • fitness flash templates
  • clan flash templates
  • hiphop flash templates
  • web hosting flash templates

The availability of a wide array of flash templates covering almost all possible categories will help you build a stunning website quickly and easily.

Trendy Flash Website Builder Features:

Contact Form: Contact Page to let visitors get in touch with you!
Image Gallery: Stunning Image gallery to showcase your Photos.
Media Player: Share Videos and MP3 music with your site visitors!
Online Store: Sell Your Products and services online with amazing online store.
Greeting Cards: Greet your site visitors on Christmas, New Year and More!
YouTube Videos: Add YouTube videos to Your Site with a Single Click.
SEO: Rank high on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. with inbuilt Search Engine Optimization.
Iphone/Mobile Site: Automatically publish your website for iPhone and other Smart Phones.
Stock Image Gallery: Dress up your website with stunning images from the free stock image library.
PayPal Integration: Accept payments directly into your Paypal account from the online store.
Social Networking: Inbuilt integration with Facebook and Twitter in Site Builder!
Social Bookmarks: Let your visitors share your site easily on Google buzz, Reddit, Digg, Myspace, etc.,
Music Library: Add soothing music to your site from in built free music library.
Text Effects: Jazz up your site content with high impact effects like Drop Shadow, Bevel, Outer Glow etc.
Unlimited Customization: Give your website a distinct identity with Incredible Template Customization Options.

The Web Design software comes with tons of other features.

Sample Flash Websites Created with Trendy Website Builder:

  • Trendy Site Builder Sample


  • Trendy Site Builder Sample
    Small Business


  • Trendy Site Builder Sample


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Sample Facebook Fan Pages Created with Trendy Website Builder:

  • Facebook Fan Page Sample
    Interior Designers


  • Facebook Fan Page Sample


  • Facebook Fan Page Sample
    Interior Designers


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Within minutes, I can add content and get what I want up and out there.


— Bryan Stone
Whiplash Productions

It didn't take long for me to begin building my site using Trendy Site Builder. As I experimented with the various features, I was able to quickly get my site arranged the way I wanted it. I have no website development background and was able to use the template I chose to create a site that is pleasing to the eye and professional looking.

I also like how easy it is to add a new page to my site. Within minutes, I can add content and get what I want up and out there.

— Hosted with BLUEHOST.COM

Trendy Flash has been great! I like it...it's just been a breeze!


— Byron Earnheart
Memphis, TN

Using Trendy Flash has been great! Your Edit feature has made it very easy to format my site and get the message out there. As my business has evolved, it's been easy to get that information up on my site. I love the compliments that my friends and family gave me when I first launched the site. They were surprised at what could be done...as was I. Clients like it, I like it...it's just been a breeze!