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most impressed with trendy flash templates team's efficiency...


Many thanks for your superb software package, which enabled me to create the band's new website, which can be found the flash intro and flash site is created with Trendyflash's flash templates based (site builder & intro builder), and the results are stunning, both from a presentational and artistic point of view, and from our fans' feedback. I've never created a website before (honest!!), and I was most impressed with your team's efficiency in dealing with me in person over the phone from the USA at 2am GMT! 10 out of 10!!

— Barrie Roberts

I enjoyed building with trendyflash site builder, my website and can change it whenever I want to...

I was very happy to have found such an easy flash site builder as Trendyflash, I enjoyed building my website and can change it whenever I want to. There are great and a large number of templates to choose from. As good as the site builder itself is the great, friendly, quick responsive and highly professional support service you get, even if you know nothing about site building yourself. I would recommend it to everybody.

Victor Afonso

trendy flash templates based site and intro builder's are Excellent...!!!

I am very happy with TrendyFlash Site Builder.
It was easy to use and the technical help was wonderful.
Excellent product.

— Karen

A fantastic product(TrendyFlash site builder) supported by fantastic people..

The support at Trendy Flash Templates is superb, helping me every step of the way. A fantastic product (trendyflash site builder) supported by fantastic people. Thanks!

— Chris Gitersonke

Enjoying the trendy flash templates very much..

Enjoying the program(trendyflash intro builder) very much, you guys have been very helpful to a web building novice.

— Thomas Tucker

very happy using Trendy Flash Templates based Intro Builder..

I'm a male hispanic living in California U.S.A. and very happy using Trendy Flash Templates based Builders.
The main reason why I bought this product, it is because at Trendy they didn't forget about my people, and included in the TrendyFlash & Intro Builder program special characters of my language that I can use in my spanish projects.

Among those characters: ¡, ñ, Ñ, and also: á, é, í, ó, ú; an other characters that are basic in spanish.

— Fredy

Trendy Flash is the best tool for us to create website and intros in a short period of time..

Trendy Flash is the best tool for us to create website and intros in a short period of time. We are now using TrendyFlash Site Builder to build Flash Website and Intros for our clients. We are engage in Web Designing and Hosting. Trendy Flash also has the best customer service that I have experience; I can’t
compare such fast technical support to the other providers. We will continue to support Trendy Flash Templates for the years to come.

— Edwin Ng

Good product!

I am really happy with the product.
My first intro is already visible, More web pages of mine will use trendy flash templates based intro builder.
Good product.

— Ion Adrian Alani

create new and awesome looking web pages with TrendyFlash Site Builder..

It's simple and easy to use. Has a variety of different flash templates to use to create new and awesome looking web pages. Thanks trendy(flash site builder) for an excellent program.

— Irvin Wilson

I have had so many customers "WOWED" by my new Flash introduction...

"TrendyFlash Intro Builder is so simple and easy to use. I had a Flash introduction up within minutes! I didn't want my entire site to be Flash, so the intro was perfect for my needs. I have had so many customers "WOWED" by my new Flash introduction. It was well worth the price!"

— Jim Gowran

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