Click on "Basic Content".

In this part you can find 3 options.
(i.e. Title & Slogan, Bottom Text and Add Logo)

Title & Slogan:
Here you can add your text for company title and its slogan.
Now you can change the look for your text by using 'B-bold', ' I-italic', 'U - underline'
You can also adjust the font size and font type as well.

Click "Ω" to choose various special characters to be used in your text.

Click "Edit Styles" as shown.
Here you can select 10 different styles and in each style there are several font styles.
Also there is an option to give "Style Name".

"Text Style" option gives different styles which you already created using "Edit Style" option.

Click on "Effects".

Here you can select dropshadow, glow and bevel effect for your text.
In each effect you can adjust its levels as per the options given.

Click "Bottom Text"
Here you can add your own text which will appear at the bottom of your site.
You have Yes/No option to Enable this feature.

Text added for bottom text appears on your site as shown in the picture.

Click "Add Logo"
Click "Upload" button which will redirect you different window.

Here in different window you have an option to browse the location of your logo image.
Note: Logo image should be 180 X 100 pixels and not more than 50KB.

Click "close" to return back in builder.

Now click "Refresh" button to load the logo and select it to add for your site.