Click "Edit Pages" button shown.
This will allow you to create all pages very attractive way (main page & sub pages ) for your website,
Also you can add images, audio, video, gallery, store and contact form.

Here, first you have to Select "Total Main Pages" for your site.
(You can select maximum of 10 Main pages)

Now select the "Page Type".
* Here you have 5 choices. You can either create image gallery page, media player page, store page, contact page or normal page (regular content).

Now give a page title for Main Page 1.

Page Type: Normal
It's default page type. This option is for regular page design, which includes content, image/video etc.

Now select total sub pages for Main Page1.

Edit Page Titles etc.:
Add your sub page title and select image.

Edit Page Titles etc.:
Sub Page Video: You can upload video from your collection using "Upload Video" option.

Edit Page Titles etc.:
Click "Add YouTube VIdeo" by using this you can add YouTube Video (check "See example").

Edit Page Titles etc.:
Add YouTube Video:
Add YouTube Video URL and check its preview clicking on "Preview" button.
Make sure to click "OK" button to save the URL.

Click "Edit Page Text"

Edit Page Text:
Sub Page Content: Select the text and add styles as per your wish.
In the same way you can edit all main pages and sub pages.

Page Type: Image Gallery
Select "Image Gallery"

Click "Edit Image Gallery" as shown below.
To create your own Gallery Please refer "Edit Image Gallery" help from main menu.

Page Type: Media Player
Select Media Player

Click "Edit Media Player"
To create your Media Player Please refer "Edit Media Player" help from main menu.

Page Type: Store
Select Store.

Click "Edit Store"
To create your Store Please refer "Edit Store" help froma main menu.

Page Type: Contact
Select Contact

Click "Edit Contact Page"
To create your Contact Page Please refer "Edit Contact Page" help from main menu.