Click "Edit Store" button shown.

Add your "Store Title" here.

Edit Store Galleries:
Select total categories

Category 1:
Add "Category 1 title" as shown.

Click "Store Settings" as shown.

Store Settings:
Click on "Settings" as shown.
Here you need to update your Store Title, Paypal Email Address and select Currency.
You can enable or disable store status using Open/Close option.

Edit Titles:
You can update your own titles by clicking on "Edit Titles" option.
You can reset titles by clicking on"Default Content" button as shown.

Click select "Store Design"

Click to select design.

Gallery Hide:
You can hide gallery tool using "Gallery Hide"
Also drag the gallery by clicking on cross lines as shown in the picture.

Select total products for Category 1.

Click on "Product 1 title" as shown in the picture.

Edit Product Content:
In this you need to add product image by clicking "upload" as shown,
Also you need to update product information such as item title, item number, product description etc.

Click "?" as shown.
You can get more information.

Click "Record" as shown.

Instant WebCam Recorder:
To record your video you need to have a webcam & microphone conected to your computer and
ensure that both are working.
Then click "Proceed"

Click "Record" to start recording. After completing the recording process click "Stop".
You can view your recorded video using "Preview" button.

Product Video "Upload"
Click "upload".

Click "Upload Videos" as shown below.
It will open a popup, where you can upload your video file.

First "Provide folder name" and click on "Create". Then select folder to upload,
After that browse ".flv" from your location and click upload.
(You can see the help how to convert to .flv format as shown in the pic.)

After completing upload process get back and click "Refresh"
If you do not wish video then click "No Video".

You can Set Additional options for each product by using "Set Option1" & "Set Option2".

In the same way you can create rest of the products for your store.

Your store design will look as shown below.