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Creating A Stunning Flash Intro is incredibly easy.
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Trendy Flash Intro Builder is our latest offerings This is an amazing Flash Intro Builder tool that can be used to build stunning flash intros. 18 stunning flash intro templates with simple intro editing options help you create that dazzling flash intro you always wanted to have. Give it a try. You will be amazed!


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Incredible! I haven't seen another flash application that comes even close in terms of features, easy of use or animation quality. Superlative.

— Larry Samson

A Quality Flash Intro Builder.

With a product like this who needs a web designer? I created the most stunning flash intro for my site using the Trendy Flash Intro builder . Designs and animations are agency quality. A very satisfying experience. Highly Recommended!

— Patt

Amazing Flash Intro Builder!

Got a price quote from a fancy flash designer to make an Intro for my site. I Wanted to check out other options before I placed the order. I came across the Trendy Flash Intro Builder while browsing the net. I am amazed! I have built a flash intro for my site and also made a flash presentation for my CD handout in a matter of 30 minutes at a cost that is 10% of what the web designer quoted! This product rocks!

— Ted Wilson

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