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Most definitely would I recommend Trendy website software to anyone who is starting a new company. It was easy to create the flash site especially those of us who are not in the "computer world." The live support was most helpful too when we found a couple places on the web designing that we needed an extra boost to understand. Yes, most definitely we would recommend this web design software to anyone. And for those who already have a website but are paying out money unnecessarily to webmasters, they can do it themselves and save hundreds each month. So easy to update whenever we want. Thank you


Trendy Flash website Software did it all for us..

When we decided to open our new business, we knew that we needed a good website design to promote our business and have the ability to be in contact with potential customers and stay in contact with customers that signed up for our services. With out having any knowledge of building a website or maintaining a website, the Trendy Site Design Software did it all for us.. We are proud of our site and we could not have done it any better. The price was great and so is our flash website.


Our experience has been very favorable and I would recommend Trendy Flash Website Design Software!

We are all busy with full time jobs and taking ownership of our site was a big decision. Being a non profit, financial's are always an issue. Using Trendy Site Builder was very easy and met our budget. We had lots of flash templates to choose from, they were very easy to work with. We tailored it to meet our needs and we are so pleased with the results. Moving the site took much less time than we had scheduled. We really like the fact we now can review our changes before the site is published. Our experience with the flash software has been very favorable and I would recommend this as an option to anyone looking for presence on the web.

— Gail

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