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Instructions for Installing Trendy Site Builder

  • 1. Unzip the archive.You will get the trendy.php file.
  • 2. Upload the trendy.php to your hosting account using FTP.
  • 3. To Create your Site go to the following URL and click on New User Sign Up!:


Want Hosting?

If you do not have hosting you can buy it at the following hosting companies.



1. Php version 4.x+ is needed.

Direct Install From Your Web Host:

  • We have Partnered with BlueHost and HostGator, two of the world's largest web hosting companies to offer Trendy Site Builder to you. BlueHost Manages 2.5 Million Sites and HostGator Manages over 4 Million Sites!

    This special Partnership allows you to access Trendy Site Builder directly from your hosting account.

    If you are already a HostGator or BlueHost client you can simply log into your control panel and access Trendy Site Builder directly. If you do not have hosting you can sign up with either of the hosting services to start using Trendy Site Builder automatically!
  • Sign up for Hosting here:

    blue host

    Host Gator

Other Web Hosts providing direct installation for Trendy site Builder:

Ask your Web Host about integrating Trendy Site Builder with their control panel so that you can access Trendy Site Builder Directly.