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Trendy Site Builder is the easiest I have ever used. As a website design professional myself, this is a steal for the price. Finding a web designer with the ability to make a professional websites like these, would at least be 3 to 4 times more expensive. If you are a web designer and don't have a lot of time to put into a website of your own, this is the PERFECT WEB DESIGN SOFTWARE!

— R. Martin

Trendy Site Builder is easy and affordable.

"Trendy Site Builder is easy and affordable. We were looking for site builder that included flash designs for a while. We finally found one that was high quality and provided all of the services we were looking for: music player, photo album and video, which is important when appealing to a Hip Hop audience. Now, we have more positive responses to our flash site and more hits!"

— Tina Acevedo

This is an ideal Web Page Maker for independent musicians and artists alike.

"I absolutely love our Trendy Web Page Maker. Our fans rave about its professional design quality, the wide range of features and its ease of use. As an artist, I was extremely pleased with the number and flexibility of available flash templates which allows for unlimited creative expression and a truly original site design. As a first time website builder, I found it quite easy to navigate the set-up menu and I love that fact that I can update the website in a matter of minutes. As a business man, I am thrilled with the "Store" feature which allows me to easily sell my CD's directly to our customers saving me thousands of dollars. In short, this is an ideal website software for independent musicians and artists alike."

— Kelley

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