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Start Site Builder Software Create new site
    »Select project location
»Project name
Edit existing site
  »Select project folder and project file

Select Theme Theme Gallery
    »Select Theme from Category
  My Theme
  No Theme

Select Design Design Gallery

Title, Slogan and Home Content Title & Slogan
  Welcome Msg
Home Text
    »Text link (hyper link)
    »Add URL (for hyper link)
  Home Video
    »Preview Home Video
  Add Logo

Edit Intro Content Select Intro Screens
    »Edit Screen 1
    »Edit all screens

Edit Pages Select total Main Page Images
    »Click on Main Page 1
»Edit Main Page1's Main Page
Select Total Images for Main Page
Click on Image
Select Image
My Image

Edit Contact Page Click "Edit Contact Page"
    »Click 'Contact'
    »Click 'Map Info'

Edit PopUp Pages Select Total Pop Up Pages
    »Edit Pop Up Page 1

Edit Image Gallery Select Total Image Galleries
    »Select Total Number of Images
Add Gallery Title
Select Image
My Images
  Edit Image Text

Select Music Click on "Select Music"
    »Music Gallery
  »Select Music
Add to Site
  My Music
  Gallery Hide

Edit Store Click "Edit Store"
    »Store Title
  »Select Total Products
Add Store Category
Category Product
Edit Product Content
Edit Option Content
Store Settings
Edit Titles
Store Store Design
Store Designs
Add Store Design

Media Player Media Player Design
    » Advanced
    »Add Player Title and Message
  Add Videos
  Select Total Videos
  Edit Option Content

Advanced Click "Advanced"
    »Default Content
    »Edit Default Content
  Change Preloader

Add Live SpokesPerson Click "Add Live SpokesPerson"
Rich Text Options "Rich Text Options"


Trendy Site Design Software is the best one not only for a beginner, but also for the price.


I truly love how easy it was to create my website using the Flash Design Software. I was able to create a very nice looking web site with an e-commerce store on my own by just from following the easy to use web tools. I get many compliments from friends and customers on how nice my site looks. They are amazed that I was able to build it my own with such nice graphics etc. I have had no formal Web design training and I can say that from previous experience with other "build your own websites tools", Trendy Design Software is the best one not only for a beginner, but also for the price. It is nice to be able to get such a professional looking website with so many options at an affordable price. I am able to update my site when needed, and upload pictures so fast.
Thank you so much TrendyFlash.

— Burnett


We would gladly recommend TrendyFlash Website Software to anyone who wants a dynamic and easy...


I have to let you know this was by far, the EASIEST site building tool we have ever used and, believe me, We tried quite a few and we were in the middle of building our own site, when I came across Trendy Site Builder. As soon as we found it, We switched immediately, the Web store is of particular use as we do not normally sell to the general public, but now we are!!! We would gladly recommend Trendy Website Software to anyone who wants a dynamic and easy to use Website.

— Mary M


I love my new website!


I started my own entertainment company a couple years ago. I was going with a rival site hosting service that offered a site design suite. The response I received was not bad however; the site really didn't match up to my standards. By chance I happened across and I was blown away by the quality. I immediately downloaded the trial version and within a couple hours I had this awesome site up and running complete with pictures and my music. The price was much less expensive than other design tools with similar quality. I am so grateful that I found trendy flash design software the responses I receive now are "who designed that site?" "Hey your site looks awesome, how did you get it?" Thanks for this great flash software guys.

— Mike

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